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Network Philosophy

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Is there a glut of fiber in the United States?

A: Clearly there is not. If there were, people wouldn't be complaining that they cannot get access. The fiber drought impacts wireless, education, government, enterprise as well as carriers of all sizes.

Q: Does Allied Fiber sell “lit” circuits?

A: No. Actually Allied Fiber is a neutral provider of not only dark fiber, but also colocation space all along its routes, including cell tower colocation facilities.

Q - What is the benefit of having a cellular tower directly connected to a long haul fiber cable system?
A - First, there are no laterals to contend with which are costly and time consuming.  Second, it provides ample fiber to use as access to major routing and switching centers.  This access further drives choice and cost savings.
Q - What is the benefit of network-neutral regeneration and cellular tower colocation facilities?
A - Companies can freely colocate network equipment and interconnect to multiple supppliers and buyers all in the same place, thus making their business cases easier to achieve.










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Allied Fiber was created to address America's need to eliminate obstacles for broadband access, wireless backhaul and lower latency through new, next generation long haul dark fiber construction with sound principles and an open access philosophy.  For more on the company, click here.

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