Allied Fiber created the Technology Showcase within its colocation facilities along the route to allow hardware vendors to highlight their latest and greatest in optical networking. This environment provides network operators an opportunity to be exposed to a live laboratory marketplace which brings together one of the main ingredients for network development already deployed on a long haul dark fiber route.

Technology Showcase

About Tech Showcase

Allied Fiber is proud to partner with telecom network and technology managers, including hardware providers and colocation operators to further drive a cohesive educational platform to the marketplace. By working with the latest technology providers available, Allied Fiber can assist in lowest latency networking, mobile and Ethernet backhaul and middle mile networking.

Featured Product

hiT 7300 Multi-Haul Transport Platform


Coriant’s FlexiGrid technology, hiT 7300 Multi-Haul Transport Platform has been established within Allied Fiber’s technology Showcase to show network operators how the Coriant solution works together with the Allied Fiber infrastructure to enable connections between access networks, including fiber and wireless, through to long-haul carrier, content and enterprise networks through points of interconnection within the Allied Fiber system. Allied Fiber’s Technology Showcase sits within its Southeast Florida segment that covers more than 360 miles throughout the state of Florida and is available to all third-party network operators.

Key Benfits:
  • Reach - 1700 km un-regenerated reach (no OEO conversion) at 1 Tbps per super-channel
  • Capacity - Adapted each of the ten 100G sub-carriers of the 1 Tbps super-channel into 35.5 GHz bandwidth using innovative flexi-grid (Wavelength Selective Switch = WSS) technology at both endpoints. Most 100G systems deployed in the field support individual 100G channels within a 50 GHz fixed bandwidth grid
  • Enhance - improved spectral efficiency at 1700 km reach, which hits the U.S. City-to–city distance sweet spot

Dark Fiber Community

About the DFC

The Dark Fiber Community (DFC) is a free resource for network operators to help solve planning, construction, operations and finance issues from numerous, reputable providers of all aspects of physical network infrastructure. With hundreds of Members already represented and more being added, the Dark Fiber Community serves as a unified and evolving portal for access to current information, pricing and contacts within this industry.

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