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Allied Fiber - Truly Unique Opportunity

Allied Fiber was created specifically to address the need for a national, open access, physical layer, network-neutral dark fiber superstructure. The Allied Fiber System is designed to link the international subsea cable landing points in the United States while also providing for intermediate access along the route for the inclusion of local networks in to the global network architecture. Allied Fiber is the first integrated, network-neutral dark fiber, colocation and interconnection provider open to all network operators in the United States.


The Company, established in 2008, is building a new communications infrastructure across the Country that enables endpoints, such as international subsea cable landing points, wireless towers and data centers to physically connect. By managing communications infrastructure as a real estate business for network operators, the Company has developed a platform that enables its customers growth and profitability which drives its own.

The Allied Fiber Team is a collection of experts in the fields of communications, network construction and finance and they are all dedicated to building and providing access to an abundant supply of network-neutral dark fiber and colocation in areas where it is most needed.

Hunter Newby, CEO of Allied Fiber, speaks to Dan Meyer of RCR Wireless News.

Allied Fiber Overview



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Allied Fiber Highlights
  • Allied Fiber is a network-neutral provider of dark fiber that is building a national footprint

  • Allied Fiber is addressing the lack of accessible dark fiber in the market by making carrier neutral dark fiber available

  • Key to Allied Fiber is that it’s substantially diverse from all existing long-haul networks

  • Allied Fiber is utilizing the most advanced Corning fiber optic cables in its ducts to meet the ever increasing bandwidth demands for mobile networks, video content, distributed cloud computing and storage as well as other advanced technologies

  • Allied Fiber is surpassing market capacity demand with over 700 fiber strands in the first two ducts

  • Allied Fiber is designing, owning and operating its own colocation facilities along the network optimally placed for long/short-haul and wireless backhaul providers

Upcoming Events

September 2-4, 2014

FTTH Council Regional Conference

Minneapolis, MI

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September 9-11, 2014

Tower & Small Cell Summit

Las Vegas, NV

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September 11-12, 2014

Capacity North America

San Francisco, CA

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September 15-18, 2014

HubSpot INBOUND 2014

Reston, VA

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September 16, 2014

2nd Annual Washington, DC & Mid-Atlantic Data Center Summit

Boston, MA

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September 18, 2014

Enterprise Greater Moncton -

Speaking time TBD


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